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I've been having a hard time the last few days. I really need to make writing a priority on Sundays. Last week I just tried to fit it in wherever and got nowhere. Same with Monday. Tuesday, I was out sick from work so I figured it'd be a great time to get things done but the siren song of the internet called to me. Today my wrists are complaining about being on the laptop while my lovely husband uses the desktop to play WoW. I'm just going to count today and yesterdays' writings together for ease and try to get back on track tomorrow. It doesn't help that I've been busy enough at work that I can't write there. :P

So, as the title says, there's a prologue of sorts here and continuing with where I was going before. Suppose it's better than nothing.

4353 / 50000 words. 9% done!

The Continuation Stuff

She noticed her Uncle when she was halfway through practice. The weather was good, so they had been practicing outside when he found her. He leaned his muscular shape against the football pillars and watched, only giving a small wave when she raised her arm to greet him during a short break.

As they walked home, the fabric of the flag wrapped loosely around the metal pole as not to drag along the ground, Walker tried to make small talk.

“Dad gone on business again, then?”

Laine stared at the ground, noticing a dark black scuff on her new tennis shoes and feeling even more depressed about the situation. “Guess so. I never know where he goes when he leaves. You know he doesn’t tell me that sort of thing.” They turned a corner to their street.

Walker nodded. “He doesn’t tell me either, if that makes you feel any better.”

Laine had to admit that it did, slightly. Ever since her mothers’ death, she felt like she was in an odd, in-between place where everyone thought she needed to be more grown up now that this devastating thing had happened, yet she could tell they still felt pity for her. “Poor child”, she imagined them saying. “Losing her mother so young.” The fact that neither her dad nor her brother would talk about a major rift in the family only made her feel more alienated and alone. Hearing that her dad didn’t let his own brother in on the big things in life made her feel less like a baby, at least.

She tried to change the subject. “Dad says we get to have pizza. Breadsticks too? They have this weird brownie pizza at Luigi’s now too. I think it looks delicious but dad goes on and on about how it must be made of lard…”

Walker laughed. “Sure, kid. Whatever you want. With all that work you’ve been doing, you must need to eat that way so you don’t drift away into the sunset.”

Laine looked up at him. “Oh, the flag team? It’s so much fun. Did Dad tell you that we’re going to the state championships and I have a solo? It’s going to be so great. I have to practice every night to stay on top of things but I really like it."

Walker nodded.

...and then I got distracted by something shiny and had to quit with that part.

The Prologue in which the names of people may change

“She’s here again, Master.”

“So soon? It seemed like months between the man’s visits. She must be coming nearly day in her world.”

“We did the calculations, and you’re correct, m’lord. She’s coming every other day, as far as we can tell. Well, every other day to her, obviously.”

“Of course. Is she taking anything?”

“Not that we’ve seen, Master. She just comes with that furry creature and looks around a bit, and then leaves. Sometimes she peeks in houses, but she never touches anything; never takes anything. As far as we can tell, she is nothing but a curious child."

"And is she writing, like the man does?"

"No, m'lord. Just looking around and acting as if this place is nothing but her playground. Perhaps she thinks of this as an adventure of some type. She doesn’t seem to be aware of the dangers this place poses to her.”

“We may need to make those more obvious in the future, you’re aware.”

“Indeed. We have scouts following her all the time, though, and so far she does not appear to be a threat.”

“Who do you have active at this time?”

“Arman and Bahat are alerted as soon as we see any movement from the entry while Corson monitors the energies to try to anticipate the next visit, either from the girl or the man.”

“And Malaphar?”

“He is ready to do what needs to be done, when that time comes, m’lord.”

“Maybe it’s time for us to do some reconnaissance of our own, Naberius. What to do you say?”

“An outstanding idea, Master. Vatajas is showing great promise as an assistant to the project he is currently working. I think he’s ready to take the next step and head up his own investigation. That is, if this pleases you, of course.”

“Have him prepped by second sundown and ready to go when the girl leaves.”

“Yes, m’lord. We have taken many captures of the man and the girl. I’m sure we can come up with a convincing disguise that wouldn’t expend too much energy to maintain.”

“You have thought ahead and anticipated the next step, it seems. Well done, cadet. Perhaps if we can solve this problem in a satisfactory manner you’ll be rewarded appropriately.”

“I will be reported as you see fit, m’lord. Your will shall be done.”


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