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Amanda ([personal profile] littlealbatross) wrote1980-03-02 12:32 pm

Gary Forever page

Sarah and I have been talking about this, and it seems like it boils down to these three options. I will try to be as concise as possible but I'm sort of a wordy gal sometimes. Obviously, these lists are not inclusive. It's just what I've come across while trying to sort this out. Also, if you have other suggestions, please give them!

1. Group Page (Gary Forever)

  • We're already here
  • "Group" makes it clear what this is. It's not Gary; it's a group in his honor.
  • You can post under your own name (this issue is primarily for Amanda)

  • We can't tag pictures of Gary
  • We can't create albums of pictures
  • Might create confusion/be harder to find than a fan/individual page

2. Gary Fan Page (Currently titled "Gary W. Sonntag Memorial Page" and located here:!/pages/Gary-W-Sonntag-Memorial-Page/198706406815672

  • Makes it clearer (though not crystal clear) that this is not a page for an individual. Rather, it is a "fan" page.
  • People can "like" the page, making it easier for other people to find.

  • Cannot tag pictures of Gary in the Fan page
  • Administrator (me currently; could be someone else) cannot post as themselves on the wall. This leads to jarring posts by the memorial page on your friends page.
  • It's a bit weird to "Like" a memorial page.

3. Gary Individual Page run as a Fan Page (would be titled "Gary W. Sonntag Memorial Page" or similar; need to discuss this. Currently here:  Currently here:!/profile.php

  • Tagging of Pictures/Album creation (good for sharing and for letting people know it is there); less work for everyone to see pictures.
  • Once it is set up "Gary" will never have to post. Each person could post as themselves on the wall of the page.
  • No "liking" a memorial page.

  • May be confused for an actual individual page despite saying it is a memorial page
  • Someone (Currently me; could be someone else) has to add people as friends for people to post to the wall. Could be jarring for people to either request/accept friendship, but since it would be named something like "Memorial Page" as his name hopefully this would be alleviated.

I've made a poll so people can quickly vote on what they'd like of these options.  If you want to suggest something else, please do so in the comments on the Gary Forever group on FB so all comments will all be in the same place.  

[Poll #1712599]